COVID-19 Vaccine

We are offering the Pfizer vaccine at this time.  We are able to accept appointments for both first and second doses at this time.  The following schedule for second doses is as follows:

  • Anyone vaccinated in MARCH or earlier can book their second dose starting on JUNE 1
  • Anyone vaccinated in APRIL can book their second dose starting on JUNE 10
  • Anyone vaccinated in MAY can book their second dose starting on JUNE 28

What if I received AstraZeneca as my first dose?

The Alberta Advisory Committee on Immunization has recommended that those who received the AstraZeneca vaccine as a first dose be offered a choice between AstraZeneca and an mRNA vaccine for a second dose.

  • Choosing the second dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine has a small risk of VITT – likely smaller than the risk after the first dose – and post-second dose effectiveness of around 80%.
  • Choosing the second dose of mRNA vaccine has a higher risk of post-vaccine reactions like headaches, fever, and muscle aches, but has the potential to offer higher overall protection and no known severe adverse events. This combination has been studied less, so the theoretical benefit comes with more uncertainty.
Vaccine 2nd dose waitlist form

Please review the following questions. If you answered NO to all of them please book an appointment from the calendar.

  1. Do you have an allergy to polysorbate 80?
  2. Do you have an allergy to polyethylene glycol?
  3. Have you ever had a serious reaction to a vaccine?
  4. Have you received a vaccine within the past 2 weeks?

Please keep in mind, Create Pharmacy carries a limited capacity of the vaccine. If no appointments are available, please sign up on the waitlist and we'll reach out to you as soon as more appointments are available

Vaccine waitlist form
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