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We all know life can be busy, so take advantage of our free* delivery service. Send us a photo of your prescription or give us a call to get started. Conditions apply.

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Consultation & Prescribing

Our pharmacists are always available for free consultations. We have two designated consult rooms and our pharmacists are willing to spend the extra time to ensure your individual needs are met. Our pharmacists can prescribe new medications if necessary or extend refills if you can’t get in to see your doctor. Conditions apply.

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Plasma Eye Drops

These drops are made from your own blood which is rich in growth factors. Our nurse draws your blood and our technicians separate out the plasma which you then instill in your eye to help promote healing of damaged tissue and resolve certain conditions such as dry eye.

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Blister / Compliance Packaging

Do you have difficulty remembering how or when to take your medications? We can package your medication into a blister pack to improve compliance and the effectiveness of your medication.

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Medication Reviews

Do you have a complex regime of medications, or perhaps you take multiple medications and still feel unwell? Give us a call to book a free comprehensive review of your medications.

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Over-The-Counter Medications

Is that winter cold getting you down, or do you have dry eyes? We keep a comprehensive range of products for minor ailments, so drop in and get advice from one of our friendly pharmacists.

What Patients Say About Our Clinic

I am an RN with a Masters Degree in Neuroscience Research and I would not get anywhere else for myself and my family. I have utilized their complex compounding service and other prescriptions as well. The pharmacists have a wonderfully supportive approach and extensive knowledge beyond pharma.

Abbey - Elaine Beierbach

Fantastic facility and great pharmacists. Andrew and Alzeen are true professionals who make the time to take care of their patients. And they make blister packs! Great job, guys.

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Jeffery J. Hernandez

Excellent service all round, refreshing approach and extremely knowledgeable

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Vishal Dodiya

Great service. Great price. Professional and helpful pharmacists. I highly recommend Create Pharmacy!

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Jed Snatic